Product Feedback Made Easy

What your customers think is important.

Loop leverages a powerful screenshot plugin that integrates directly into your website, as well as an embeddable forum, to help you collect product feedback and catch bugs.

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Only Build What People Want

Have you ever spent time and resources building a complete product only to find that you missed the mark with your customers post-release? Close the loop before release using a single platform to get product feedback from your customers, industry professionals, and internal teams.

Escape Groupthink

Get out of your company bubble by getting detailed, verified feedback from industry professionals (product managers, UI designers, developers) without ever sending a survey, sending an email, or combing through message boards.


Collect feedback from everywhere & anywhere 24 hours a day using our plugin and embeddable forum.


The loop rating systems allows you to rate feedback on a scale that ranges from 1-10 which calculates an averaged score for the reviewer. This ensures that you receive quality feedback.


Close the loop with internal stakeholders or customers effortlessly via email notifications or auto-generated shareable links.

Seamless in-app feedback

The In-app plug in is perfect for gathering responses on specific parts of your app. Take screenshots and annotate on specific parts of your app to get detailed feedback.

Never Miss a Bug Again

Find and fix reported bugs using our website bug reporting tool and visual bug tracker.

A single view of all of your gathered feedback

Consolidate all the responses from different sources on one page.

Be Obsessed With Your Customers

"You want to build an engine in the company that transforms feedback from users into product decisions. Then get back in front of the users and repeat."
Sam Altman
Chairman, Y Combinator
"If you don't have a great product, there's no point in executing more on growing it because it won't grow... number one problem I've seen for startups is they don't actually have product market fit, when they think they do."
Alex Schultz
VP of Growth, Facebook

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