Loop vs. UserVoice Pricing: Free Alternative to UserVoice



If you are a small company or team looking to collect feedback from your initial users chances are you don’t have a ton of extra cash laying around for feedback software. When searching the web for a feedback solution, the first thing you will often find is Uservoice. 


Uservoice was started back in 2008 and is now the giant in the market space for user feedback software. Hundreds of blogs, websites, and subreddits mention them. Many will be drawn to them just because of the mass amounts of coverage Uservoice receives. 


After researching them and looking through their website, you will quickly realize they don’t list their pricing anywhere. 


Your next steps will probably go something like this: Schedule a demo, go back and forth for days with a sales executive, try to understand their “large” product suite, and what to buy for your needs. After multiple calls and tons of back and forth conversations with Uservoice, the price comes out! Unbelievable, thousands of dollars a year! 


Immediately you will realize Uservoice is not a reasonable or affordable option for you and your team.


Now, what do you do? Your team needs a software tool to capture that valuable incoming feedback, but you don’t want to spend a fortune on a solution. Your next option is to look for a competitor. But there are hundreds of options out there how do you pick? 


Well, let’s start by looking into what Uservoice platform provides, break down all the features, show some picture comparison, and tell you the actual cost of Uservoice.


Feature Comparison

If you have never used or seen Uservoice’s platform before, you will probably think its a complex and cutting edge solution. However, this is not the case; Uservoice is quite simple.


Here it is in a few words summed up: a personalized forum for your users to comment and upvote. 


What?! That can’t be right? A multi-million dollar company selling a discussion forum? 


Yes, Uservoice’s core platform is a glorified forum for your company. Their core product is a discussion board forum with some sorting features where users can upvote or suggest new ideas. The more upvotes a suggestion receives, the higher it rises to the top of most wanted improvements. 


Don’t get us wrong, this is a valuable product offering. Letting your users submit, discuss, and rate feedback is invaluable. Loop starts with this functionality and offers it free. The functionality isn’t just accessible in a free trial, it is available for free forever with no credit card required.


Here is a screenshot of what uservoice looks like:

UserVoice Discussion Board

Here is a screenshot of what Loop looks like:

Loop Screenshot

As you can see, the forum board isn’t as cutting edge as you would think. Now that you have seen UserVoice and have a high-level overview of what it does, let’s get down to the detailed feature comparison.


To see a more in-depth view of all the significant features Loop provides follow the link here to our product tour: https://loopinput.com/product/

UserVoice Pricing

Finally, what you have all been waiting for: how much does UserVoice cost


Here are the numbers:


Yes, you read that $500 a month for one admin! If you crunch the numbers, you will be saving a minimum of $6000/ year for 1 product manager and almost $10,000 a year for 5 product managers! Unbelievable.


To see Loop’s exact pricing follow this link here: https://loopinput.com/pricing/


UserVoice is a valuable tool but you don’t need to pay thousands of dollars a year for it. Loop offers the same product with more features for free.

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