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Powerful Screenshot Tool

  • plugin to any website or Web application (including wordpress and shopify)
  • Give Users an easy way to annotate specific parts of your Website
  • Screenshots auto-upload to company dashboard for analysis
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User Forum

  • Let customers or internal teams discuss feedback in an interactive forum
  • Get notified via email when someone replies to your comment
  • Upload pictures, videos, or other file types inside your comments
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Analyze Feedback

  • The loop rating systems allows your customers to rate feedback on a scale from 1-10
  • Calculate averaged scores per piece of feedback
  • Consolidate All The Responses From Different Sources On One Page
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Categorize and Sort Feedback

  • Create up to 15 different Customizable feedback categories
  • Sort by Category, time, rating, number of replies, number of ratings, or comment length
  • Each Comment displays a badge to show its category
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  • Keep Product Features & Bugs Organized
  • Let your users & customers know what your teams are working on
  • 6 Customizable color coded statuses



  • Sign up in single click
  • Quickly make an account using google & twitter sign in
  • Integrate with Slack & Jira

Close the loop with customers and internal stakeholders


Free 1 Hour Website Audit

  • Design Feedback
  • SEO Improvements
  • Site Speed Fixes